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Konarka's Photovoltaic Technology

You can never be too thin, too flexible, or too lightweight.
Photovoltaic cells have traditionally been built using crystalline silicon, which requires expensive processing and results in rigid, bulky, inflexible solar panels. While costs for such panels have come down in recent years, the industry has been looking for a breakthrough that will enable solar power to be price-competitive with other forms of energy and more versatile in its applications. Konarka has provided that breakthrough by developing photovoltaic cells on lower-cost, lightweight, flexible plastic substrates rather than on glass. Because Konarka’s technology can utilize a wider range of the light spectrum than conventional solar cells, visible and invisible light sources, not just sunlight, can be used to generate power.

Konarka’s products put light in and get current out .
Most solar cells currently in use are based on crystalline silicon or thin film technologies.  The performance of solar cells is measured in terms of its efficiency at turning light into electricity.  The efficiencies for crystalline silicon technologies have been around 15 percent; that is about one-sixth of the light striking the cell gets converted into electricity.  The efficiencies for thin film technologies that are being manufactured today range from three to seven percent.

Konarka is focused on the development and commercialization of polymer photovoltaic products that are lightweight, flexible and more versatile than previous solar products.  Konarka’s chemistry-based cells represent a new breed of coatable, plastic, flexible photovoltaics that can be used in many applications where traditional photovoltaics cannot compete.

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With energy consumption constantly on the rise, the need to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuel sources is growing. Konarka is meeting this need, having established its leadership position by using its unique photovoltaic nanotechnology to create sources of renewable power for everyday devices and structures. As a result, the company is growing its business, attracting new customers and disrupting the market by enabling manufacturers to incorporate on-board energy generation to offer truly wireless devices.
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