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About the Boott Mills

The Boott Cotton Mills were incorporated in 1835 about 26 miles north of Boston in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Between 1836 and 1839 four mill buildings were built along the Merrimack River.  At this time each mill independently ran its own operations.  In 1846 and 1847 a 5th Mill was built, and during 1871 and 1872 a 6th and final mill was built.  Throughout the 1870’s the six mills came together and worked as a unified plant.

During the mid 19th century the Boott Cotton Mills were the center of operations for the world’s cotton textile industry.  Textiles were being mass produced for the consumer market.  After years of success, in the early 1900’s the Mills closed due to the long term neglect of plant and labor.  After some restructuring the Mills reopened as the Boot Mills and were back in business.  However, in the 1950’s the market dropped for cotton textiles and due to excessive inventories in 1955 the Boott Mills closed their textile operations for good, after 120 years of operations.

Today downtown Lowell is separated from the Merrimack River by the large brick mill buildings.  Over time the mills have changed as technology has changed and they now house offices, a museum and future condominium housing.  Early uses of power were water power and steam power and then electric power came into use.  Today Konarka Technologies, Inc. is bringing realistic sources of solar power technology to the world at their headquarters in the Boott Mills.

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Boott Mills
Konarka’s global headquarters are located in the historic Boott Mills of Lowell, MA, USA.

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